Provision of grit bins

The provision of grit bins in urban areas is to offer the public a self-help option to overcome localised difficulties in relation to the effect of winter conditions on roads and footpaths. It is important that the council encourages and helps facilitate self-help by those members of the public who are prepared to carry out this work. Please also be aware of the newly formed Snow Warden Scheme which is another mechanism of self-help and should be promoted also.

However, the number of grit bins made available needs to be controlled. Maintaining adequate salt/grit levels in the bins results in an operational burden.

Therefore we give careful consideration to the provision and location of grit bins and salt/sand mix heaps.

Provision and location criteria

View urban grit bin flowchart criteria (pdf 49KB) and rural grit bin flowchart criteria (pdf 43KB).

We also give additional consideration to the following:

  • If they are currently on a primary route and F1/F2 then they should not be considered as the risk should be mitigated from planned treatment
  • Ideally, grit bins will only be located where they can be filled from a lorry. The grit bins shall be replenished at the start of the winter period
  • Grit bins will be left in place during the summer months
  • The grit in the bin is purely for use on the public road or footway
  • The locations of grit bins will be recorded and made available
  • The council will not provide grit bins in private areas or car parks for use by any other council or any other public or private property such as schools, parks, hospitals, care homes, etc. unless a service level agreement is in place

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