Mainstream School Transport

The council provides free school transport to all children who live more than two miles walking distance from their zoned primary school and three miles walking distance from their zoned secondary school. They can also receive free school transport if their walk route is deemed unsafe for a child accompanied by a responsible adult.

Applications for pupils eligible for free transport are made via the school.

If there are any additional spare seats, any pupils who are not entitled to transport can apply on a privilege basis (for example out of zone pupils). When applying at the start of a new school year any out of zone applications are not processed until after the term starts, usually around mid-September, to make sure all entitled pupils are accommodated first.

A privilege space on transport does not guarantee a permanent seat and transport can be removed at any time throughout a school year.

All applications are made via your child’s school.


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You can also contact the School Transport Team by telephone on 01467 533335 or email at