Electric vehicle chargers

There are many electric vehicle (EV) chargers situated in Aberdeenshire. On this page you can find out more about them:

Types of charges and locations

There are 3 different types of EV chargers. These are:

  • Rapid chargers (50kW DC/ 43kW AC)
  • Fast chargers (22kW AC)
  • Standard chargers (7kW AC)

You can find your nearest charging station on a map.


Tariffs are being introduced for charge points operated by Aberdeenshire Council from Monday 4th January 2021, at a simple cost of £0.21 per kWh, with no connection fee. This was approved by the council in 2019, and costs will be reviewed annually, amending charges accordingly. During the early implementation of electric vehicle charging units, there was an expectation by Transport Scotland that there would be no charge to the customer to use the units in order to help support a wider uptake of electric vehicles. The number of charging events has continued to rise and has resulted in an increase in costs associated with operation and maintenance of the EV charging network, and indicates a growing pressure on the council budget if no mechanism for cost recovery is put in place.

Report a fault

If you come across a charging station with a fault you can report it online. Please note that chargers are not operated by the council but are instead run by ChargePlace Scotland.

Report a charger fault

Once you report a fault ChargePlace Scotland (CPS) will assist you in fixing the unit over the phone if possible. If that is not possible, CPS will contact an engineer to fix the unit.

The engineer will visit the unit and assess the fault. The unit will be repaired by the engineer or the council will receive a quote to fix the unit and an engineer will revisit the site to carry out the works.

Flow chart showing the process of what happens after a fault is reported

Reported charging station faults

ChargePlace Scotland is responsible for managing reported faults.

The table below lists charger faults which have already been reported to ChargePlace Scotland as of 11th May 2022.

If you require further information on these faults please contact ChargePlace Scotland.

Charge point location and reference ID ChargePlace Scotland fault reference Date reported Fault type Current status
Inverurie Burn Lane - EFA50494 714786 23rd December 2021 AC outlet not working Waiting for parts
Banchory Sports Village - 51952 725670 31st January 2022 Socket A not working Waiting for parts
Westhill Library - APT51764 729669 15th February 2022 Socket 2 not working Waiting for parts
Aboyne Station Square - 51077 741006 26th March 2022 Screen error Parts sent
Peterhead Lido - 60312 747891 16th April 2022 CCS output not working Reported to CPS
Fraserburgh Seaforth Street - 51080 748342 17th April 2022 Screen, emergency stop button and chademo connector damaged Waiting for parts
Banff Greenbanks - 51753 752915 1st May 2022 DC output running at low power Reported to CPS
Inverurie Burn Lane - 51496 753234 2nd May 2022 CCS cable damaged Waiting for parts
Aberdeen Woodhill House - 52870 753400 3rd May 2022 Weak signal on output B Reported to CPS
Turriff The Wynd - 52208 753824 3rd May 2022 CCS and AC cables damaged Reported to CPS
Huntly Nelson Street - 50495 755449 10th May 2022 Out of comms Reported to CPS
Laurencekirk Robson Car Park - 50372 755579 10th May 2022 CCS not working Reported to CPS
Alford Community Campus - 60321 755650 11th May 2022 CCS not working Reported to CPS