Children and Young People

What is an educational psychologist?

  • We work with children and young people, parents and the adults that you know well at home and in school.
  • We visit and work with your school.
  • We share ideas about learning and teaching.
  • We work with schools to help children and young people do the very best they can.
  • We work with you and with the adults who know you to find out what is getting in the way of you doing well in school and plan approaches that could make things better.

What will the educational psychologist do?

An educational psychologist will have a meeting with you, your parent/carer, teacher and other adults that you know best to find out more about you and your learning, what you are good at, what is going well and listen to any concerns or questions. At this meeting everyone thinks of ways to help and we come up with a plan to make things better for you in school. We might meet later to see how the plan is working.

Will I have my say?

We would like you to come to your meeting and we will help you to have your say and share your ideas.

If you are worried about talking about your views you can share your ideas in other ways for example; writing them down, drawing, taping or videoing.

What happens after the meeting?

The plan from the meeting will be sent to everyone who comes to your meeting including you.  Copies may be sent to other professionals who know you but could not attend the meeting.

Will I meet the educational psychologist?

If you come to your meeting you will meet the educational psychologist there. We may want to spend some time getting to know you better and visit you at home or in school. Sometimes we:

  • Spend time talking and listening to you finding out what you think and feel about school and your learning.
  • See you working in class or in the playground.
  • Look at some of your work.

How long will the psychologist be involved?

Sometimes there will be one or two meetings and sometimes the educational psychologist may be involved for longer. 

How can you find out more about the educational psychology service?

Ask people in your school, your teacher, head teacher, guidance teacher or another adult

You can phone 01569 690542 or email

View our information for children and young people leaflet (pdf 282KB).

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