Instrumental music service portal

Instrumental music portal is a digital service for instrumental music tuition. As it is securely linked to your myAberdeenshire account it also makes it a one-stop-shop for digital services already available in Aberdeenshire.

Access to the instrumental music portal is only for those parents and carers who are responsible for paying for their child(ren)’s lessons (we call them contributors). You can use the portal to:

  • register for instrumental music tuition
  • pay for instrumental music tuition

How to sign up for the portal

The instrumental music portal is accessed via myAberdeenshireIf you don't already use myAberdeenshire, you will need to create an account and you can do that by registering for myaccount. Select 'Register', then 'Create a new account'.

Please make sure that your myAberdeenshire account is registered in the contributor's name and that it uses the same email address as the one currently used for music tuition, otherwise the portal won't recognise you.

How to register for tuition

If your child is not currently receiving music tuition and they are not on our waiting list, you can register for a place. You can find out more on the music tuition page.

How to register for Aberdeenshire Youth Music Sessions

If your child attends a school in Aberdeenshire and is learning to play an instrument, you can register for sessions in an ensemble setting. Find out more about Aberdeenshire Youth Music Sessions.


For any queries please email