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The Instrumental Music Service (IMS) will provide a minimum of 18 music centre openings, including concerts, in the academic session, allowing for the possibility of closures due to circumstances beyond our control such as severe weather. The annual charge for membership is £70.00 (including private pupils and adults) payable with enrolment. You may cancel for a refund provided that you do so in writing or by email before the 4th music centre opening after the payment is received.

Members joining in January will be charged half of the annual membership fee. Please check with the appropriate music centre coordinator before completing the online form.

Membership of the music centre will last for one academic session, after which membership may be renewed for the following session at a charge set by the council and intimated in due course. Please check that the ensemble for which you enrol is at a suitable standard. Your music instructor will be able to help. The Instrumental Music Service will endeavour to provide the ensemble for which you have applied. However, we reserve the right to offer an alternative ensemble if it is felt to be more appropriate or if we are unable to provide the ensemble due to insufficient numbers attending the centre. Approximate standards are given next to the ensemble. Please check with your instructor that you are ready before enrolling for a senior youth ensemble.


Pupils who are registered for free school meals are exempt from charges.


Please note that payment is now required with enrolment. The preferred method is the online enrolment form.

A debit or credit card is needed to complete the process. To provide music centres to Aberdeenshire pupils and residents at the lowest possible cost we encourage you to provide an email address. This will allow us to administer aspects of the service online. Alternatively a paper enrolment form is available in the music centre booklet. This should be sent to the appropriate coordinator with a cheque payable to Aberdeenshire Council.


Transport is provided at no extra cost. For details please refer to the list of pick-up points in the music centre booklet. On concert days transport will be provided to the concert venue, but there will be no transport for the return journey.

Medical information

If your child suffers from any significant medical condition eg asthma or diabetes please inform the appropriate coordinator in writing. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Risk assessment

Rehearsals, concerts and transport are risk assessed and every effort is made to minimise risk. In signing the enrolment form you are asked to accept that some risk remains. There is no more risk in at a music centre than there is risk in normal day to day living. Concerts in venues other than the normal rehearsal venue comply with Aberdeenshire Council’s Excursion Policy a copy of which is available for inspection at the Instrumental Music Service office. You will be given full information prior to any excursion.

Photography and video recording of pupils

Images will be used in publications and on our website to publicise our services or celebrate special events. These may also appear in our printed publications, on our website, intranet, social media (ie  facebook or twitter) or network of plasma screens in various council offices. We may also send them to the news media and sell online through our website.

Photos will be stored digitally. We do not keep photos for any longer than is necessary and we will usually dispose of them after a period of five years. 

Please complete the appropriate part of the enrolment form to indicate your consent.

Photographing or video recording your own children

Your attention is drawn to copyright restrictions in musical performances. Where the music centre has obtained permission through the Performing Rights Society to mount a performance of a complete musical or other work, this permission will specifically exclude video recording of the whole performance.

Parents will be allowed to photograph or video record their child participating in concerts and other events subject to the following conditions:

  • Photography will take place at a time/place as directed by the coordinator or representative
  • It will not interrupt or disrupt any such performance or event
  • Any photograph or video recording made will not be sold on or used for any commercial purposes whatsoever
  • Any photographs or video recording is for personal/family use only, and that such recordings will not be copied on to third parties
  • No attempt will be made to photograph or record children other than your own without permission

It is understood that failure to comply with these conditions or such other reasonable instruction as may be issued to me by the music centre coordinator or member of educational establishment staff will lead to withdrawal of such permission.


Pupils have a break during which they may have light refreshments. There is a small stock of strings, rosin, reeds, valve oil etc. These can be purchased during the break or at any time in an emergency.


For concerts pupils will be expected to wear black trousers or skirts with white shirt or blouse and the music centre tie. The tie can be purchased from the music centre.


Music is very costly to replace should it be lost. One lost part can render a set of parts useless, as single parts cannot be purchased. Please take great care to ensure the safety of all music on loan to you from Aberdeenshire Music Centres. The cost of replacing missing music will be met by those responsible for its loss.


Enquiries should be sent in writing to the Coordinator of your local music centre. General advice is available from the Instrumental Music Service office.

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