Rock Wall Climbing

With correct and imaginative use, rock walls can offer an arena for the development of physical and technical climbing techniques and a sense of exposure still exists even with a secure system of bottom or top roping. A range of opportunities for creative group work and technical training can be gained from safe and imaginative use of a rock wall. The arrangements outlined below will apply to all teaching and instructional sessions on rock walls. Any separate arrangements established in recent years for the management of public use of these facilities will continue.


Rockwall Climbing

The council’s in-house Rockwall Award is suitable for those wishing to lead groups on site specified council climbing walls. This award comprises a one day (or 6 hour) training programme followed by an assessment.
Holders of the award can then instruct bottom or top roping sessions at the designated rockwall/s.

Qualifying Awards

Climbing Wall Awards

Holders of this award can supervise and instruct groups on climbing walls anywhere in the UK.
The award is modular and involves a basic supervisory qualification accompanied by further optional training and assessment in abseiling and teaching leading indoors.

Single Pitch Award

Holders of this award can supervise climbing and abseiling sessions on artificial climbing walls or outdoor crags defined as single pitch.

Mountain Instructor Award and Mountain Instructor Certificate

Holders of these awards are competent to supervise indoor and outdoor climbing sessions and are able to teach/instruct techniques and practices relating to safe and correct use of a climbing wall, including leading.


Association of British Mountain Guides

British Mountain Guides are internationally recognised as competent to teach/instruct in any aspect of climbing.


Recommended Reading

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