Free School Transport

stagecoachYour child will receive free school transport if they attend their zoned school, and live more than two miles from their school if they are at primary school, and more than three miles from their school if they are at secondary school.

Free home to school transport will NOT normally be provided if your child attends a school outside your catchment area.

What type of transport is provided?

Free transport can be provided in a number of different ways.

Some children will be given season tickets to use on public buses or trains

Other children will be transported on buses contracted by Aberdeenshire Council.

In some isolated circumstances payments will be made to parents to transport their children to school.

Is door to door transport provided?

The Council does not guarantee "door to door" transport. Your child may have to walk to and from home to meet the school bus (up to two miles if your child is at primary school, or up to three miles if your child is at secondary school).

Contact Information

For further information about free school transport you should contact your local education office.


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