Bus Stop! campaign

The Bus Stop! campaign is a new DVD and education pack designed to help save young lives on the roads of North East Scotland.

Bus Stop CampaignFollowing the loss of two Aberdeenshire pupils after coming off their schools bus, Aberdeenshire's Director of Education and Children's Services was determined to look for a way to try to prevent another similar tragedy happening.

With this aim in mind, Aberdeenshire Council worked in partnership with Talisman Energy (UK) Limited and Aberdeen City Council to research, design and produce the Bus Stop! pack. This pack includes a hard-hitting DVD entitled 'One Second. One Life.', a 20-page booklet for teachers with lesson plans specifically targeted for the different age groups of school pupils from Primary 1 to Secondary 6, as well as other materials to help deliver the safety message.

The campaign will initially be delivered in schools across Aberdeenshire by giving Primary 1-4 pupils a specially designed Bus Stop! reflective triangle and receiving a 'My Visibility' certificate. Primary 5 to Secondary 6 will have the opportunity to view two short DVDs to increase their safety awareness of using public transport by focusing in on the distractions which can have tragic consequences.

Bus Stop Campaign

The emphasis of Bus Stop! is to help young people understand the potentially fatal consequence of switching off, even for just one second, while crossing the road. Though this campaign with start in North East Scotland, we believe this resource has the potential to be utilised right across the country.


Should your School, community groups, etc want to be involved in this campaign, you can access the Bus Stop! pack via a website, www.1second1life.co.uk which has an electronic version of the teaching booklet and a downloadable copy of both films.

We would also recommend parents and other family members taking the time to view both short films, as the message is as important to drivers as it is to young people.


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