Integration Joint Board representatives

HSCP-Logo-CMYK-extra space.jpgThe Integration Joint Board (IJB) membership must include people who can represent the views of those using the services and unpaid carers.

These representatives are stakeholder members of the IJB. This means that they are able to comment on and influence decision making, but are a non-voting member.

There are two separate roles - the Public Representative and the Carer Representative.

Public Representative

The Public Representative role makes sure the public voice is heard in all aspects of service planning and delivery in the Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership (AHSCP).

Stakeholder members reflect the views of the groups they represent on the IJB. The groups these individuals represent will be diverse.

So the representative must be able to demonstrate the appropriate experience and skill to reflect the breadth and diversity of views and situations of the individuals or groups they represent.

Carer Representative

The Carer Representative role makes sure the voice of unpaid carers is heard in all aspects of service planning and delivery in AHSCP. The representative needs to engage with, and gather the views of, other unpaid carers. Using this and their experience to give the perspective of carers to the work of the IJB.

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