Children's Panel

The Children's Panel is a group of people from Aberdeenshire communities who come from a wide range of backgrounds. Panel members are unpaid and give their services voluntarily, but are carefully selected and highly trained. They must be at least 18 years old but there is no upper age limit.

Every Scottish local authority has a Children's Panel and panel members sit on hearings on a rota basis. A Children's Hearing has three panel members, there must be a mix of men and women. The Hearing decide whether compulsory measures of supervision are needed for a child and what they should be.

There are around 2500 panel members across Scotland. Aberdeenshire has approximately 90. They are carefully prepared for their task through training programmes. They develop their knowledge and skills during their period of service through experience and in-service training.

We usually recruit people from all walks of life to sit on the Children’s Panel each September. We look for anyone over 18 who can make good, common sense decisions.


Aberdeenshire Children's Panel Advisory Committee

The Children's Panel Advisory Committee (CPAC) has an important role to play in the operation of the Children's Hearings System. The main duties are:

  • selecting people as children's panel members by interview and group discussion
  • monitoring panel members' performance at hearings
  • advising the Scottish Government on the Children's Hearings System

No formal qualifications are needed, but experience of interviewing would be beneficial and knowledge of the ethos of the Children's Hearings System is helpful.

Aberdeenshire are not currently seeking new CPAC members.

To find out more visit the Children’s Hearings Scotland website.


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