Allowances and payments

Kinship carers may be entitled to allowances or state benefits. Your entitlement depends on the type of kinship carer you are and your income, including other benefits and state pension.


Carer of a ‘looked after’ child

If you are a carer of a 'looked after' child you may be entitled to payments from us:

Pre-approval as a kinship carer

Before formal approval as a kinship carer you may be entitled to an interim payment of up to £65.74 per week. 

Approved kinship carer

As an approved kinship carer you may be entitled to a weekly kinship care allowance. The rates vary depending on the age of the child and are based on the fostering allowance rates less child benefit and any other deductions.

The weekly allowance covers:

  • general maintenance including food, accommodation and related costs
  • provision and replacement of clothing
  • pocket money
  • attendance at clubs, school and leisure activities
  • travel

If you get the approved kinship carer's allowance you cannot claim child tax credits as well. You may be entitled to other benefits, such as housing benefit and council tax benefits. All approved kinship carers must get a full benefits check and guidance from the Citizen’s Advice Scotland.


Carer of a ‘non looked after’ child

If you care for a 'non looked after' child you will be entitled to both child benefit and child tax credits. You may also be able to claim other state benefits.

If you need further advice about the benefits you might be entitled to please contact your local branch of Citizen’s Advice Scotland.


Informal kinship carer

If you care for a child through a private arrangement with the parents you are not entitled to an allowance from us. But you may be entitled to state benefits and or tax credits.

For further advice and guidance please contact your local branch of Citizen’s Advice Scotland for a full benefits check.

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