Care at home

We provide a range of Care at Home services for people who need support to live independently at home, including a 24 hour service for unplanned and urgent care:

Care at Home services

Care at Home services provide support and practical help to you at home, allowing you to be as independent as possible. They can help you with personal care, home support and practical support.

Personal care can include help with:

  • personal hygiene, such as washing, dressing and toileting
  • getting in or out of bed
  • medication
  • eating and drinking
  • preparing special diets

Home support can include:

  • advice and guidance
  • support with budget management
  • help with home security and maintenance
  • help to use domestic appliances
  • help to manage bills and official correspondence

Practical support can include:

  • essential shopping
  • lighting your fire
  • collecting your pension
  • laundry or essential hygiene cleaning

Practical support is provided as part of a combined care package with personal care, to meet essential daily living needs.

Care at Home is available from early morning to late evening, every day of the year. In exceptional circumstances, or where people experience a crisis, we can arrange for Home Carers to respond during the night.

Care at Home services also include access to a community meals service and community alarms and other assistive technology.

We have a workforce of over 700 trained Home Carers. We can also arrange for other care agencies to provide care at home for us.

Home Carers work in partnership with relatives, friends and other agencies to help you keep your independence as much as possible by helping you in your own home.

We will assess what your care needs are and how we can help you at home. You may be asked to contribute towards the cost of the services you receive. Many people will pay nothing, or will only contribute towards part of the cost. Once the services are in place they are regularly reviewed.

Contact us if you think you, a relative or friend needs help to manage at home.

Free personal care

Care at Home isn't the same as free personal care.

Free personal care is one element of care at home services. It is available to people aged 65 and over. We will do an assessment with you to identify your needs and if you require personal care.

More information about free Personal and Nursing services is on the Scottish Government's website.

Who is entitled to Care at Home services

People of all ages receive care at home. You may be eligible if you:

  • need help with personal care and practical support to live independently
  • have increasing frailty or dementia
  • are ill and living at home
  • have a disability or sensory impairment, mental health problems or substance misuse problems

You, your family or carer can ask a social work or health professional to meet with you and discuss your circumstances. This will be part of your assessment.

If you would like to find out more please contact us.

Arrange a Care at Home service

If you or a relative, neighbour or friend needs help at home because of illness, frailty or disability, you can make a referral to us. You can do this by contacting us.

Alternatively, you can speak to the health staff in your local GP practice.

After we get your referral, we will arrange a visit and do an assessment of your needs. This is to find out how much support you need and what type of services might help you at home. We will do a care plan with you of the care you need and when you should get it.

Before the Care at Home service starts we will tell you the names of the Home Carers who will be helping you and what times they will arrive. We will regularly review the service to make sure you are happy with the help you get and that it still meets your needs.

Paying for Care at Home services

We operate a charging policy for Care at Home services based on a person's ability to pay. We will carry out an assessment of your financial circumstances and, depending on your income, you may need to make a contribution to the cost of your care at home service.

More information is available on our financial support web page.

Managing your own budget for Care at Home services

You can manage your own budget for Care at Home services. If you are assessed as needing care at home and you want funding to manage your own care services, you can apply to us for a direct payment. This will let you arrange your own care at home service with a provider of your choice.

More information is on our self-directed support web page web page. 

Community meals service

A Meals at Home Service can be arranged if you are not able to prepare a hot meal for yourself at home. This service helps you remain as independent as possible and makes sure you have a daily nutritious main meal.

You can order between 10 and 14 frozen meals, delivered fortnightly, for you to cook each day. You can chose from over 100 dishes, providing variety for all tastes. Special diets can be catered for. Each meal consists of soup and a main course, or a main course and a pudding, depending on your preference.

There is a small charge for each meal ordered.

You need a freezer and a microwave to cook the meals. These can be supplied for a small additional rental charge. If you are not able to cook the meals yourself, a Home Carer can help you prepare the two course meals.

This service is arranged through a Local Area Coordinator or Care Manager. They will visit you to discuss your wishes and explain the service.

For more information, or to request an assessment, please contact us.

Contact us

Call 03456 08 12 06 or email for more information, non urgent care and support enquiries or to make a referral for care at home services.

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