Support for people with alcohol or drug use problems

Support and services for people experiencing difficulties from problematic use of alcohol or drugs in Aberdeenshire are coordinated by the Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP). Our Community Substance Misuse Team is part of the ADP, providing specialist services to help individuals and their families.

If you are motivated to tackle your alcohol or drug problems, a member of the ADP will meet you to assess your needs. The assessment identifies what support and services will help you overcome your alcohol or drug problems.

To arrange an appointment for an initial assessment, please call 01224 558844. Your call will be redirected to your local area.

For those with problematic drug use, the ADP provides harm reduction supplies and advice at needle exchanges (pdf 87KB) throughout Aberdeenshire.

Care plan

A Care Manager works with you and agrees a care plan to help stop or reduce problematic alcohol or drug use. The care plan is always completed with you. It sets out:

  • your care and support needs
  • how they will be met
  • what services you will get
  • who will be responsible for this
  • when it will be reviewed

Care Managers will also provide treatments to change your behaviour. They can:

Community Substance Misuse Support Workers also work with you on tasks agreed in your care plan. They can help with:

  • sorting out your finances, such as benefits or arrears
  • budgeting
  • household or family routines
  • nutrition or healthy eating
  • confidence building
  • complimentary therapies to reduce anxiety
  • getting involved in activities away from the drinking or drug culture

Your Care Manager arranges help from a Support Worker as part of your care plan. Progress is regularly reviewed to decide how successful it has been and what future work may be needed.