The Caledonian System

The Caledonian System is an integrated approach to deal with men's domestic abuse and to improve the lives of women, children and men. It does this by working with men, convicted of domestic abuse related offences, on a programme to reduce their risk of re-offending, while offering integrated services to women and children.

The Caledonian men's programme uses a person centred approach, coupled with cognitive behavioural techniques, to encourage men to recognise their abuse and take responsibility for themselves and their relationship with their ex-partners, partners and children. It is aimed at adult men - defined as over 16 years - whose abuse has been to a female partner or ex-partner.

The Caledonian women's service offers:

  • emotional and practical support to women
  • advice on safety planning
  • risk assessment, and
  • advocacy

By working in partnership with the woman, it aims to reduce risk of harm.

The children's service works with other agencies, making sure a plan is in place for the child which meets their needs and reduces the impact of domestic abuse on their lives.

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