Easy access to drug and alcohol services

Aberdeenshire Drug and Alcohol services have set up Step-In points in five main towns so anyone wanting support with drug and alcohol use can get same day treatment. If you wish to access the service you can drop in to these Step-In locations or will be offered an appointment on the day we get a referral.

The Step-In approach offers intensive care to provide a non-judgemental, welcoming and responsive service. All concerns and needs identified at assessment will be listened to. Actions to support these will be provided and included in individualised care plans. This might include rehabilitation or detoxification as best suited to your needs. Harm reduction advice and equipment is also available at the locations.

Our multi-disciplinary teams are ready to help anyone needing support with problematic drug or alcohol use. The team is made up of a range of different practitioners:

  • Nurse - to advise on and prescribe treatment of choice
  • Social Worker - to provide a range of different supports as part of recovery
  • Health Care Support Worker - to provide wider health checks and screening
  • Local Area Coordinator – to provide practical support and access to wider activities
  • Support Worker from Alcohol and Drugs Action - to support people who do not require clinical or social work interventions

The Step-Ins will continue to develop and provide easy access to a wide range of support from key partners including advocacy, housing, welfare benefits and employability.

The Step-In points are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Appointments will be offered out with these times for people who need it. If you don't live close to these locations our Step-In staff can arrange transport, or they can see you at a time and place suitable to you.


Seafield House, 37 Castle Street, Banff, AB45 1FQ

stepinbanffsu@aberdeenshire.gov.uk for people wishing to use the service

stepinbanff@aberdeenshire.gov.uk for referring organisations

01261 455810 (general reception in Seafield House)


Inverurie (temporary premises not yet open)

stepininveruriesu@aberdeenshire.gov.uk for people wishing to use the service

stepininverurie@aberdeenshire.gov.uk for referring organisations

07826 270662


88 King Street, Peterhead, AB42 1UH

peterheadstepinsu@aberdeenshire.gov.uk for people wishing to use the service

peterheadstepin@aberdeenshire.gov.uk for referring organisations

01779 403 744


Until premises secured people will be seen at the most appropriate venue suited to their location.

stepinstonehavensu@aberdeenshire.gov.uk for people wishing to use the service

stepinstonehaven@aberdeenshire.gov.uk for referring organisations

07826 209266


48 Broad Street Fraserburgh, AB43 9AH

stepinbrochsu@aberdeenshire.gov.uk for people wishing to use the service

stepinbroch@aberdeenshire.gov.uk for referring organisations

01346 415175  

Medication Assisted Treatment standards

The Scottish Government introduced ten Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) standards to address the increase in drug related deaths. This is so people can get same day treatment, if appropriate, and access to harm reduction support. Aberdeenshire Drug and Alcohol services set up five Step-In points to meet these requirements.