Visual impairment

Visual Impairment Service

Our Visual Impairment Service provides support for people with a diagnosed sight loss. We can help you live actively and independently in your community. This service is part of Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership.

We also provide services to children and young people referred to us by the Vision Support Services in Education.

You can access our service by being referred. After referral, we will do an assessment to help us identify what support and help you need. Our team can help you with:

  • orientation and mobility
  • daily living skills
  • communication
  • low vision skills

We don’t provide:

  • glasses
  • magnifiers
  • treatment for eye conditions

For help to get a magnifier through the NHS contact your local Optometrist or Optician. They can refer you to the Low Vision Clinic which can assess you for free NHS magnifiers.

Orientation and mobility

Learn skills for getting about safely. Our team can teach you skills to help you with:

  • increasing your confidence to move around indoors and outside
  • using mobility aids, such as white canes
  • route training in specific areas, such as routes to shops or work
  • learning to know where you are in your area and being able to understand what the environment can tell you
  • using public transport and travel routes

Daily living skills

Learn skills for doing day to day tasks. Our team can teach you skills to help you with:

  • preparing and cooking meals and drinks
  • managing household tasks, such as laundry, cleaning, personal finances, and money transactions
  • personal care, such as how to apply make-up, shave, or dress yourself
  • ways to take your medication appropriately
  • labelling options, such as use of technology or large print


Our team can help you:

  • learn how to use telephones, computers, or tablets
  • use specialist software and apps, if appropriate
  • use simple options to make communication easier, such as large print and audio

Low vision skills

Our team can help you learn to make the most of any remaining vision using lighting, magnifiers, and other specialist equipment.