Performance reports

We collect information on the council's performance for two reasons:

  • So we know how we are doing and can make improvements
  • To keep ourselves accountable to the people of Aberdeenshire and others with an interest in the council

We want to ensure our residents, service users and partners can access information that is relevant to them quickly and easily. We publish a range of performance data during each year. Comprehensive details of our regular publications can be found in our performance Reports Calendar (pdf 124KB).

Annual report

In March 2013 Aberdeenshire Council adopted the Council Plan 2013-2017 which sets out the core objectives for the council and the priority outcomes to be delivered during the life of the plan. Each year the council will publish an Annual Report providing a review of progress delivering the priority outcomes and overall performance improvement including performance based on statutory indicators. The review of progress also reflects the outcomes of external scrutiny, self-evaluation and customer feedback.

View the Annual Performance Report for 2017/18 (pdf 742KB).

Previous years reports

Previous public performance reports and statutory performance reports:

Service performance

Council services regularly monitor their performance against a set of key performance measures. Services report by exception to Policy & Area Committees. Exception reporting means that only measures which are performing below target, or well in excess of targets, are considered at committee. To ensure full scrutiny, a comprehensive report for all indicators is also produced and published on our website. Twice a year services also provide an update on key projects and actions that are underway.

Note: Following restructuring of council services, some report titles may vary from the service name. 

View service specific reports:

Self-assessment and evaluation

As a council we must understand our strengths and where we have areas for improvement. We use the 'how good is our council' framework as our approach to self-assessment and evaluation:

Should you need older copies of these reports or if you have any queries, please contact the Performance team.

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