What others say about us

Find out more about what others say about the council's performance.

Feedback from customers

To support the council's approach to continuous improvement it is important that we have a full picture of what we do well and where we could do things better. As well as reporting on our own performance we also collect information and feedback from a range of external sources. This allows us to see how others see us performing and can highlight areas where we might need to focus our attention on.

View the reputation trackers.

The reporting of complaints data is monitored by Audit Scotland in conjunction with the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) and in line with the principles of Best Value arrangements. View annual performance reports.

Sometimes the council is unable to resolve a complaint to the satisfaction of the customer. When this happens, the customer can refer matters to the SPSO for further investigation. Investigation reports and decision letters referring to Aberdeenshire Council can be viewed on the SPSO website. Select 'Our Findings' from the menu and search investigation reports or decision letters for 'Aberdeenshire Council.'

External scrutiny reports

Audit Scotland or an appointed auditor scrutinise the council's Statement of Accounts every year. Consideration is also given to Governance and Accountability and Best Value, Use of Resources and Performance:

Local Scrutiny Plan

The Local Scrutiny Plan (LSP) is an annual plan that sets out the planned scrutiny activity for the council based on a shared risk assessment undertaken by a local area network (LAN) made up of representatives of all the main local government audit and inspection agencies. This latest update is the result of a shared risk assessment which drew evidence from a range of sources, including annual reports from the council's external auditors, performance and self-evaluation data and inspection reports. The latest review of council services in Aberdeenshire reveals a positive picture - with no scrutiny risks identified - however there are some areas that will be the focus of ongoing oversight by scrutiny partners. In addition there is planned non risk based scrutiny including a joint inspection of services for children and young people and a joint thematic review of Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA).

The Local Scrutiny Plan was previously known as the Assurance and Improvement Plan (AIP). The AIP identified a rolling programme of planned and risk based scrutiny for the council, based on the shared risk assessment, over a three-year period. The last Assurance and Improvement Plan for 2014/17 (PDF 371KB) is available.