Book bins for events

We can provide waste and recycling bins for various events held in Aberdeenshire such as weddings or highland gatherings.

Bin sizes

Our event bins are in three sizes. The dimensions are approximate including handles.Two recycling bins in sizes 140L and 240

140L bin

  • Small wheelie bin
  • Dimensions: 104 cm high, 50cm wide, 55cm deep
  • Maximum weight capacity: 59kg

240L bin

  • Household sized wheelie bin
  • Dimensions: 110 cm high, 58cm wide, 74cm deep
  • Maximum weight capacity: 96kg

1100L binMetal refuse bin in size 1100L

  • Large metal bin with 4 wheels
  • Dimensions: 157 cm high, 125cm wide, 98cm deep
  • Maximum weight capacity: 440kg

Costs 2024/25

There is a minimum invoice charge of £15 for all events.

Event bin size
140L £4.88 £4.05
240L £8.36
1100L £38.30 £31.79

How to book

Please book with at least 3 weeks notice otherwise we can't guarantee bins. This is due to the availability of stock (especially during the summer months).

Please note, each individual event needs a separate booking. For example if you are booking bins for a number of weddings, each wedding needs its own individual form to be completed.

Book bins

What happens after

Once we receive your booking form we will process your request.

We will deliver the bins either on Thursday if the event is at a weekend or the day before the event if it is held during the week. We will collect them on the first working day after the event if our resources allow.

Please note bins will not be emptied during the event.

After the event, when we collect the bins we will check them for contamination and then send an invoice.

How to pay

Here is how to pay your invoice.


For further information please email