Trade waste and recycling collection charges

We offer both waste and recycling collections for businesses. Our charges are based on the amount of waste you produce.

There is a minimum invoice charge of £15.00 on all trade charges.

VAT is only applicable where the council is being sub-contracted as per HMRC guidance.

Annual charges 2024 - 2025

The table below contains the annual charges, for one standard trade waste container emptied on a once per week frequency.

To work out the annual charge for:

  • A fortnightly collection - divide the charge by 2
  • A monthly collection (once per calendar month) - divide the charge by 52 and multiply by 12
  • A collection once every 4 weeks - divide the charge by 52 and multiply by 13
  • A collection once every 3 weeks - divide the charge by 52 and multiply by 17
Container size Waste
Recycling collections
(mixed recycling or paper/card/cardboard or plastic/cans/cartons)
Glass (coloured separated glass bottles and jars)
Bag of waste 105L (only available with prior agreement)  £132.60 £87.55 Not applicable
140L £176.79 £116.73 £116.73
240L £303.07 £200.11 £200.11
330L (we no longer issue 330L bins, but will continue to collect those that have already been issued) £416.72 £275.14 £275.14
660L £833.43 £550.28 £550.28
820L £1,035.47 £683.68 £683.68
1100L £1,389.05 £917.13 £917.13
1280L £1,616.34 £1,067.21 £1,067.21

How to pay

There are different ways you can pay your invoice.