Recycling your items

You can recycle or re-use most everyday items. You can put these items in your kerbside recycling bins, take them to a recycling centre or donate them to charity shops.  

View a list of materials that can't be recycled and should be put in your kerbside collection black refuse bin.

Items Recycling bins Recycling centre Additional information
Aerosol tins Yes Yes Please empty them 
Aluminium foils and trays Yes Yes Remove food and other dirt from any foil packaging or trays
Books  Yes Yes You can also donate books to charity shops if they are in good condition 
Cardboard Yes Yes Flatten the cardboard 
Cooking oil No Yes Make sure the cooking oil is clean and not mixed with other oils 
Earth and rubble
from gardening and DIY
No Yes Remove wood, metal, wires and glass 
Electrical appliances
include household appliances, white goods, TVs and computers, small electrical appliances, straight and compact fluorescent lamps and high intensity discharge lamps
No Yes You can also donate them to charity shops if they are in good working order or request a bulky uplift for heavier items
Food and drink cans Yes Yes Please empty and rinse them
Food and drink cartons (tetra-pak) Yes Yes Please empty cartons 
Garden waste
includes grass cuttings, hedge trimmings and leaves 
No Yes Remove contaminants including plastic sacks, stones, plant pots, fencing material
Glass bottles and jars No Yes Separate the glass into colours
You can also take it to any glass and textiles point
Household batteries Yes Yes If you are using kerbside collections, put your batteries in the pink bag 
If you go to a recycling centre, there is no need for a bag
Lead acid batteries
from cars, motorbikes and other vehicles
No Yes Don't mix with household batteries
Oil (engine) No Yes Don't mix engine oil with cooking oil or any other oils or fats
Paper, newspapers, magazines and card Yes Yes  
Plasterboard No Yes Make sure it's clean and free of any tiles or dirt
Plastic bottles, tubs, pots and trays Yes Yes Empty any containers and remove food or dirt
Pressurised containers
include gas bottles (such as LPG and camping gas), fire extinguishers and similar potentially dangerous containers
No Yes You can put household aerosols in your recycling bin
Printer cartridges No No Charity shops can re-use your ink cartridges or you can get them refilled or contact your supplier to return them free of charge
Scrap metal  No Yes  
include clothes, blankets, sheets, curtains and any other fabrics
No Yes Clean and wrap them in plastic bags to protect from moisture and dirt, tie shoes together in pairs
You can also take them to any glass and textiles point
from household cars
No Yes  
including MDF
No Yes Remove any nails and screws

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