What happens to your recycling

We collect mixed recycling from your kerbside, glass and textiles from recycling points and various materials at our recycling centres.

We have several reprocessing contracts with companies who manage this waste and transform your recyclables into reusable products or materials. Find out what happens to each item. 

Items Where they go What they become
Mixed recycling (collected from the kerbside and at recycling centres To the ENVA at Linwood  Various new products 
Cardboard (collected at recycling centres)  To Saica Natur for reprocessing Packaging and paper products, covering material on plasterboard
Cooking oil To Olleco’s biodiesel plant in Liverpool  100% biodiesel
Earth and rubble To either Bridgend Sand and Gravel in King Edward, A and M Smith in Portlethen or David Smith They supplement virgin aggregate  
Electrical appliances To Repic for fridges and freezers
Recolight recycles gas discharge lamps separately, Recycling lives for large and small domestic appliances, TV's and monitors 
The Repic and Recycling lives websites explain what happens with specific items
Food waste To Keenan Recycling in New Deer Compost 
Garden waste To Keenan Recycling in New Deer  Compost 
Glass Glass goes to MKD32 Ltd  
Household batteries To G and P Batteries where they sort the batteries by chemistry type  A variety of products including more batteries and materials for the steel industry 
Lead acid (vehicles) batteries To a local scrap merchant, then to a specialist recycler of lead acid batteries, or Panda Rosa  
Oil (engine) Safetykleen collects engine oil from our recycling centres They process it to produce high specification fuel oil or recycle it for re-use as base oil 
Refillable gas canisters Recoverycyl and Synergy Recycling collects them from our recycling centres  
Scrap metal Local scrap merchants, Panda Rosa collect the metal for recycling The metal is the sorted, if required, before being processed through the Leimbach Shear which cuts the material into the size needed to be able to fed through a foundry where it will be melted down and recycled back into a variety of new steel products
Textiles The Salvation Army or Nathan's Wastesavers collect them from our recycling centres Local people re-use them when possible or they send them for national or international use
Wood Keenan Recycling Limited in New Deer, SUEZ collect wood from our recycling centres Compost or chipboard

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