Buying a Wheeled Refuse Bin

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 In Southern Aberdeenshire  refuse bins are supplied free of charge. Please call the Wasteline to arrange delivery.

In North and Central Aberdeenshire, householders must buy their own bins. These may be purchased from the council, or from another retailer, but householders should be aware that any bin purchased must be EN840 approved, with a maximum capacity of 240 litres. Substandard bins will not be replaced by the Council if they are broken during a collection.

The price of a new or replacement wheeled refuse bin is updated annually on our Special Uplifts and Charges page. Order by calling the Wasteline or print out a form from below and send in with a cheque.

Please be aware that Aberdeenshire Council will only collect one bin per household unless additional capacity has been arranged.

Discounted New or Replacement Refuse Bins:

We offer a discounted price for refuse bins in cases of financial hardship. This discount applies only if you are in receipt of:

  • Council Tax Benefit
  • Housing Benefit
ItemCharge (not subject to VAT)
Purchase of Wheeled Refuse Bin 240 Litre (as replacement or for new home only) £25.00
Discounted price for Wheeled Refuse Bin £10

Downloadable Request Form for a Wheeled Bin

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