Getting a wheeled Refuse bin

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From 1 April 2017, Aberdeenshire residents can get a waste bin for household use for a delivery and admin fee of £25. The bin will belong to Aberdeenshire Council, as is the case with our recycling bins for residents. This applies to residents in all areas of Aberdeenshire.

Although the bin will be owned by Aberdeenshire Council, we have no objection to residents writing the address of the property onto the bin to assist with identification. If residents move, the bin should stay at the delivery address due to differences in bin types across Aberdeenshire.

Aberdeenshire Council have a strict ‘one landfill bin per household’ policy. Please contact the Wasteline if you have issues coping with the capacity and a Community Waste Officer will be in touch to discuss the issue. Additional recycling bins are available to householders free of charge, if you need capacity for additional recycling, get in touch to request using the contact details above.

Discounted New or Replacement Refuse Bins

We offer a discounted price for refuse bins in cases of financial hardship. This discount applies only if you are in receipt of:

  • Council Tax Benefit
  • Housing Benefit
ItemCharge (not subject to VAT)
Wheeled Refuse Bin 240 Litre (as replacement or for new home only) £25.00 (charge is admin/delivery – bin remains property of Aberdeenshire Council)
Discounted price for Wheeled Refuse Bin £10 (charge is admin/delivery – bin remains property of Aberdeenshire Council)

Downloadable Request Form for a Wheeled Bin

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