Road excavation and occupation permits

Under the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984, it is an offence to carry out any works on a public road without the prior approval from us.

Although planning consent has been given, the appropriate permits are still required for construction of any access or layby required. Work must be carried out by a qualified contractor to complete the works to the council's specification. Find out more about our road construction standards.

You will need a permit if you undertake any of the following activities:

  • excavate in the road or pavement
  • deposit building materials or skips
  • erect scaffolding, access towers, hoarding, staging or place contractors plant
  • put up a tower crane
  • operate mobile cranes, hoists and cherry pickers

It should be noted that the terms 'roads' encompasses the carriageway, footway or verges of any road and includes public footpaths and cycle tracks.

Any work resulting in road closure will require early discussion with your local roads office as a temporary road traffic measure will have to be produced. Find out how to apply for a temporary road restriction.

For guidance and to apply for a road occupation permit download and fill in the appropriate form:

View the road excavation and occupation fees

Road bonds and applications for Section 56 Construction Consent

Please contact the Roads Development team for advice and information on how to apply. You can do this by emailing

Your submission will be assessed by the Roads Development team at the outset of the process so that an appropriate road bond value and the relevant can be calculated. View the road bonds and Section 56 works related fees.

Privacy notices

View the roads related privacy notices to find out what we do with your information.