Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have decided to close all offices to the public with immediate effect and we no longer accept cash or cheque payments. Please use our online services or call us through the Contact Centre to make a payment or get the help, advice and support you require. The hubs opened in our schools will continue to operate as planned.

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Development of new roads

Any person other than a roads authority who wishes to construct a new road or an extension to an existing road must apply for roads construction consent.

These standards for Road Construction Consent and Adoption, along with the accompanying specification, are intended to assist private and public developers in obtaining the necessary authority, which is required before a new road is constructed, in developing the geometric design of road layouts and in deciding on construction details.

Details on construction consent standards:

Below are listed construction consent application forms:

View road developments and consent privacy notices.

Parking standards and surveys

The council publishes a set of parking standards and guidance on the provision of off-street parking. The standards are applied to new or modified developments, which are subject of a planning application. To find out more view our Car parking standards for development control in Aberdeenshire (pdf 199KB) guide. 

Parking surveys may be required when a planning application does not provide the required number of parking spaces according to the council's parking standards. For guidance about parking surveys view Parking Survey Procedure – Guidance for developers (pdf 580KB).

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