Asbestos and tyres disposal

From 3rd June 2019 we no longer accept asbestos and vehicle tyres for disposal.

Find out more about how to dispose of asbestos and tyres.

Asbestos disposal

We don’t provide an uplift or disposal service for any sort of asbestos waste. Asbestos is classed as hazardous waste and can’t be disposed of with your normal household waste. All asbestos waste must be disposed of at a facility licensed to accept it.

Residents and traders can use specialist asbestos contractors operating in the area.

There are two licensed commercial facilities in Aberdeenshire, not owned by the council, for asbestos disposal:

  • Savoch Quarry, Longside
  • Taylors Industrial, Balmedie

Please note that some companies only provide an uplift service, whilst others accept asbestos delivered to site. Some may also have a minimum price per tonne in place.

For further advice on licensed contractors who can uplift and dispose of asbestos in your area please contact your local Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) office.

Tyres disposal

We no longer accept vehicle tyres for disposal because we need more space for recycling at the council’s recycling and waste facilities. We are trying to make space for more recyclable materials instead, so that residents can recycle more.

When you need new tyres on your car, ask the garage where you have them fitted to dispose of your old tyres for you. They will normally do this for a small charge. If you change your vehicle tyres at home, the company you buy your tyres from may be able to dispose of your tyres for a small charge.  Always check first.

Bicycle tyres can be put into the non-recyclable waste skip at recycling centres.