Building Warrant Fees

When you make a building warrant application you need to cover costs of dealing with your warrant. The fee for a particular application is based on the estimated value of the works to be carried out. This may be based either on builders' estimates/quotations or on cost figures published by recognised bodies such as the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). No reductions are allowed for DIY elements of the work.

Download building warrant fees table (pdf 46KB) to calculate the required fee for your application.

Charges relating to copying documentation, carrying out research or Letters of Comfort are detailed in our table of charges (pdf 16KB).

Exemption for disabled persons

The Fee Regulations state that no fee shall be payable where the purpose of the work to which the application relates is to alter or extend a dwelling to make it more suitable for use by a disabled occupant. This means the exemption is not for disabled people in general. It relates specifically to works to provide facilities for disabled people as defined in the building standards. "Disabled person" means a person with a physical, hearing or sight impairment which affects their mobility or use of buildings.

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