Roadworks - closures and restrictions

Activities such as roadworks, temporary traffic lights and road closures can lead to delays and affect your journey times. To minimise any travel delays our Roads team controls all activities on the public road network.

Current and future roadworks

Details of all programmed and emergency works undertaken by, or on behalf of utility companies, construction companies and the local authority are available from the Roadworks Scotland website.

Scottish roadworks online

Real time information

Visit the Traffic Scotland's roadworks map for real time information. This includes information on trunk roads in Aberdeenshire:

  • A90
  • A96
  • A92 from Stonehaven Junction to Charleston Junction

Roadworks managed by the council

Roadworks, closures and restrictions managed by the council. This doesn't include roadworks undertaken by utility or construction companies.

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Council's closures and restrictions

How we identify diversions

We identify alternative traffic routes and diversions where possible. These routes must be suitable for the class of road that is being closed. For example A class routes must be diverted on to other A roads and B class routes must be diverted on to A or B roads. This is to make sure that the routes are suitable for all traffic including HGVs and buses.   

Don't follow satellite navigation unless you are certain that the route you are being directed on is appropriate. You should follow the signed diversion route. And remember that though the road may have a national speed limit, you must drive according to conditions, particularly if it is a single track road. Make sure you allow a suitable stopping distance, use passing places and don't drive on the verge.

Roadworks with traffic lights

Roadworks carried out under traffic lights may be subject to a road closure. This is for the safety of both members of the public and the operatives on site. Heavy plant and operatives will be moving around the site and require space to work, so please be aware and do not exceed the speed limit. Delays may be necessary to carry out some aspects of the work to ensure the safety of personnel and public.

Why we close roads

Where possible we try to keep roads open to minimise disruption to the travelling public. However on occasions, roads have to be closed. This is usually when they aren't wide enough or when it is unsafe for both vehicles and operatives to occupy the same section of the road.

Access to properties will be maintained but you may experience delays until a stage of the works is complete to allow machinery and operatives to be moved to provide you with a safe route through. We would ask you for your patience and understanding as your and the operatives safety is paramount. Please phone 0345 608 1205 and ask for the roads office in your area or speak to the site foreman for advice. We will do our best to accommodate your request.